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Why is Android App Development in India so Popular?

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Android App Development in India

Mobile App is the best example of the fruits of digitization making the lives of customers easy and convenient.’ - Anonymous

While it was presumed that the demand for Mobile Applications will die down due to the limited number of applications a user can install and use, the result has been exactly the opposite. The mobiles are now more efficient and can hold hundreds of apps at a time. Interestingly, mobile browsers aren't as popular as individual apps, for companies have invested more in apps than on websites consistently in order to cater to the vast number of people using mobiles.

Among the leading mobile operating systems, the Indian market is predominantly ruled by Android - 89.71% as of October 2018 (Source: This makes it evident that Android app development is becoming increasingly popular in India. It is estimated that Android Application Development will continue to increase due to its growing demand - 352.9 billion app downloads expected in 2021 compared to 197 billion in 2017 (Source: ph text here.

Let’s explore the reasons behind growing demands of mobile app development in India.

The Time on the Apps
As per the data, 9% of people in the US spend more time on mobile apps than on the web. And should you include mobile browsers as part of mobile apps, which they are, the data will be even higher in favour of mobile apps. What's great is that India has been following the US, and happens to be the second largest mobile phone market in the world. It is also the second largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world – leaving the US behind in both the categories with only China being ahead.
To leverage the growing usage of mobile apps among Indians, businesses are developing various apps to stay in touch with their customers and to drive the sale of their products and services. Since Android happens to be the preferred platform for the Indian customers, any Android App Development Company in India will have the opportunity to cater to this vast growing market. Add paragraph text here.

Apps making life easier
The digital revolution has brought the power of the internet and mobile in the hands of the customers on the go. This power is truly realized in the form of numerous utility apps that have made the lives of customers easy and convenient. Following are the examples of the most popular utility apps -

  • Vehicle booking apps like UBER, OLA etc.
  • Mobile wallets like PayTM, Bhim etc.
  • Food & grocery delivery apps like Zomato, BigBasket etc.
  • Social networking apps like Facebook, Instagram etc.
  • Text & video based communication apps like WhatsApp, Imo etc.
The growing usage of utility apps has provided a great opportunity for the Android App Development Companies in India to increase their business.

Mobile App Development has become the key area for eCommerce companies in India – whether local or MNCs. Such has been the impact of mCommerce that several eCommerce players are now investing in the development and maintenance of mobile Apps only. These players are not concerned about the web as the trends in shopping show the predominant use of apps. In fact, they are also offering app specific offers.
Add to the fact that India's eCommerce market share is expected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 29.2%, making it cross the $73 billion mark by 2022. The growth rate is expected to be the highest in Asia, with South Korea growing at 14.3%, China at 13.5%, and Japan at 13.1%. The Indian market too, with its humongous growth potential, will create a huge demand for the Android App Development Services.

The Video Scene
Among the biggest gainers in the last couple of years are the “Over The Top video streaming” (OTT) apps. In fact, even global leaders like Netflix and Amazon Prime are competing with Indian players like ErosNow, Hungama, Zee5, Hotstar, among others. There are more OTT apps under production or about to roll out with major players like Reliance Jio expected to leave a big mark in the Indian video scene. The recent success of Sacred Games has opened the market wide open, with big movie stars also open to entering the smaller screen medium.

The OTT video market share in India is growing at a healthy rate of 23% per annum. The OTT video revenue, which was pegged at Rs. 2019 crore in 2017, is expected to stand at Rs. 5595 crores by 2022. In the next three years, India is expected to break into the top 10 OTT markets globally.

The Gaming and Matrimonial Apps
While earlier, gaming apps like Temple Run and Subway Surfer made waves, which were primarily of foreign origin, the scene has quickly changed now. The introduction of local Indian games into the gaming scene like Teen Patti and Tambola has thrown the market wide open. With the current introduction of the Sachin Saga Cricket Champions – the biggest name in Indian sports lending his name to a gaming app – the market is just realizing it's potential.

There is also an influx of matrimonial apps with more Indian companies entering the market. With & Bharat Matrimony being the leading players in the matchmaking field, there are several other apps that are making their presence felt as well.

The huge market potential and cost advantage offered by the Indian app market are reasons enough for global as well as local businesses to hire professional Android app developers in India. This way, they can reach their target customers effectively in the domains of their choice.

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